Tips to Capture Family Moments

As the state of Texas and other states slowly start to reopen, we will most likely find ourselves still at home during this time of uncertainty. While we are still at home, it’s a great time to document our moments and capture some memorable and meaningful family photos.

Eventually I would love to start booking sessions. However, I think it’s also important to be careful and wait it out a little longer. See how things progress. Since I’m not scheduling sessions quite yet, I thought it might be nice to provide some tips for you to do so on your own. It’s definitely an interesting time that is constantly changing. We can stay positive and do what we can to enjoy this time with our families. Below are my tips to help guide you in capturing your family during this time.

Utilize Your Environment

Find the best light. This might be near a window if you are inside. One thing to note is that the light coming through can sometimes be too harsh when it is more direct.  If this is the case, then position your subject at a further distance from the window or wait until the sun is in a different position. If you are outside, stay away from harsh sun. You can take photos in the shade for a more even light. Pay attention to the direction of light. Notice whether there are strong highlights or shadows. Also make note that the light right before sunset is amazing! There is a nice warm glow to the skin which can be very appealing.

Pay attention to background. Look for anything distracting within the composition. Also pay close attention to any object located near the head.

Experiment With Perspective

Get down to their level. It’s always nice to get down to the level of your subject, whether it be a pet or your child. Not only are you getting a flattering perspective when you are at eye level, but also a better connection while you take your image.

But that being said, also try different angles for fun. Look for something different. Try taking a photo above heads, or get down on the ground. Be creative and try getting a reflection in the window.  Or look around for other creative perspectives.

Engage Everyone

Find an activity. This could be simple. Some ideas for this are reading, playing with toys, taking a walk, cooking, or playing a board game. Just document any or all of the activities that are naturally occurring or plan for activities to document.

Don’t tell them to smile, make them laugh. Nobody looks natural with a fake smile. You know your family the best, therefore you are probably the best person to get them to laugh. You can also find a way to distract them. Talk about something interesting. Ask questions. Any distraction from the camera will allow for more natural facial expressions.

Make sure not to take all the photos. During this time you will want to look back and remember the whole family time together. If you have children, let them take some photos. It can be an educational time for them. Explain how to use the camera if they don’t already know how. Teach them to wait and take the photo when they see something interesting.

All of these ideas are things that I keep in mind during a photo session. Hopefully they will be helpful to you as you document your family time. I hope to be back offering sessions again very soon, but in the meantime, check out my Facebook page to keep in the loop as to when that might be.