Tips Photographing Kids

Working with children can be challenging.  Here are some tips based on some of my recent experiences.

Setting a Time Frame

Before booking the shoot, it’s important to find out when the best time is for the kids.  Are they easier to work with in the morning, or possibly right after an afternoon nap?  Ideally, shooting right before sunset is always going to have the best lighting, but it may not always be the best time for the children.  If parents think that time frame will work, then of course I’d prefer it, but it’s best to work with them in advance to figure it out.

Capturing the Image

During a recent photo shoot, the smallest child was the most difficult.  A few things I did to keep his interest was to use a stuffed animal on my head to entertain him and his brother, which made them laugh.  Another thing I did was let them run around a bit while I was taking photos of their parents.  Sometimes kids just need to run around.  By not fighting it on every shot, I was still able to capture some fun images.  One last tip is to have fun with the shoot.  I like to incorporate fun things for the kids to do, such as running towards the camera, counting to three and making a funny face or pose, or just simply having the family engage in an activity together.

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