I’ve been researching different photo gift idea options. Below are some ideas I’ve either tried or that interest me.

1. Ornaments & Coasters at Shutterfly

Shutterfly has so many options, it’s almost overwhelming. However, the ornaments I’ve ordered in the past have turned out nicely! Looks like they have a variety of options for coasters as well, which I think would make great gifts.

2. Photo Books at Printique

I absolutely love the quality of photo books at Printique (formerly adoramapix). The books have thick pages and covers and this is what I use personally for my business.

Although if you’re looking for a better value, there’s quite a few options. The ones I’ve been happy with in the past are Shutterfly and Mixbook.

3. Blankets at Costco

Blankets are now a thing and a family member just ordered one from Costco for my daughter as a Christmas gift. It turned out really nice and looks pretty cozy!

4. Puzzles at Ravensburger

I love puzzles and in the early days of photo gifts, I remember ordering a photo puzzle online and it was pretty flimsy and hard to deal with. However, if you order one from Ravensburger, they are very sturdy and come in a nice tin box. It might be too late to order a customized photo puzzle this year in time for the holidays, but I still highly recommend Ravensburger for gifts for puzzle lovers in general.

5. Creative Photo Gifts at Personalization Mall

While exploring creative options, I came across a few other ideas that sparked my interest.  These items are a Photo LED Light Shadow Box and a Photo Rubik’s Cube. They can both be found at Personalization Mall, which I have not used before, but may have to try!

Well that’s all I’ve got for now.  Some of these items may not be able to ship in time for the holidays.  If that’s the case, then hopefully this info can be helpful for gift ideas in the upcoming year!