Parshall Family Photo

I thought it might be nice to answer the question that some may have before scheduling a session with me.  What is it like to work with me during a shoot?  What is my process?


Once you book a session with me and submit the deposit, I will send you a link to my welcome page. From there, I will provide all sorts of information, such as what to wear, how to prepare, etc.  I will also send you a print and digital file price list. There is a link to a short form located on the welcome page that helps me get to know you a bit before working with you.  This is really helpful for me.  If I’m working with a family, I can get the names of all the kids ahead of time and learn a little bit about your interests.


If the location chosen is new to me, I will often go to the location in advance or at the very least get to the shoot early so I can scout the location for the best possible spot.  Lighting is an important factor in this process.  I found that scoping the scene out ahead of time is really key and helps me feel better prepared and able to focus all of my energy on the shoot.

Shot List

Before I arrive to the shoot, I plan out a shot list so I’m prepared when we I arrive.  Usually I will direct you into a pose, and shoot  the more formal version first.  After getting the more formal shots, if it’s a family, I like to have them interact with each other.  I like these poses the most because they look very natural.  If I’m shooting senior high schoolers, I may have them involved in an activity, walking or doing something besides just looking at the camera.

Fun Shots

I like to have some fun during the shoot, so I usually incorporate 1 or 2 different fun activities.  For example, I will have my clients pretend they are in a photo booth and I will count and make them pose, giving them complete freedom to do whatever they want.  This often loosens people up, which can help during the rest of the session.

Post Shoot

Once I have completed editing all of the photos, I place them in an online gallery for you to go through and select the images you would like to order.  I usually have this completed within 5 – 7 days.

If your interested in booking a session with me, fill out the form on my contact page.