Fine Art Editing Blog Image

I have recently been taking more Photoshop classes to really bring my editing skills to the next level.  Although there are some enhancements that I would not use with my portrait sessions, I will certainly consider having a new type of service to offer for those.  For example, the next two images have some adjustments that make the subject look more dreamy and surreal, resulting in a more painted look.  This type of image would be great printed on canvas.  This may appeal to someone looking for something that feels more like a painting rather than a photo.

Fine Art Image 1 Before and After

The next two images have less editing on the subject, but still have an overall effect on the photo.  Colors and tones can make a huge difference on the way an image looks.  The first image below really didn’t need the extra editing at all.  Because it’s one of my favorite images of my daughter, I felt like it would be fun to see what else I could do to really make it pop!

Fine Art Image 3 Before and After Fine Art Image 4 Before and After

To see more editing before and after images, view my article, Creative Autumn. To book a session, contact me.