Creative Autumn Image

I recently took a workshop online titled Autumn Magic Workshop.  There were some overlays included (mostly leaves), that I was able to apply to photos I’ve taken in the past.  Aside from adding in overlays, there were quite a few image adjustments I learned in the 3 classes that were included in the workshop.  These adjustments can be applied to the overall image, and some to specific areas within the image.  To get started, I decided to review some old photos of my daughter,  seeking fall photos that could use a little boost.  I applied some of the modifications I learned from the workshop to the images below.  Although not perfect, I think they turned out pretty nice.  This type of editing is something I’m considering offering in the future.

If you are a photographer and interested in learning how to do this type of editing, the class I took is currently on sale for $20 (which is a pretty amazing deal) and can be found here.