In Home Lifestyle

Staged family photo sessions help document meaningful moments in time, with everyone put together and looking their best. But there is also beauty in the more casual moments of a family’s day-to-day interaction in the home, and that is just as worthy of capturing on camera. An in-home, family lifestyle session consists of images capturing family connections through guided direction. Focusing on candid moments rather than posed, these types of sessions uniquely convey a family story through the authenticity of everyday life.

A few things to keep in mind when considering this type of session:

The Perks of a Lifestyle Shoot

  • You’re never late! Leaving the house with kids is not always quick and easy, let alone for a more formal photo shoot. Me coming to you means no packing makeup, diapers or back-up outfits.
  • No need to weather the weather: air conditioning prevents any hot summer discomfort or grumpiness, and taking a “raincheck” is no longer necessary.
  • When everyone is comfortable, people are usually in better moods, and necessities such as bathrooms or snacks/water are not a worry.
  • Natural, authentic moments can sometimes be easier to capture when children are at home doing normal activities. Without the pressure of smiling and looking to camera, kids and adults alike can relax and truly be themselves.
  • Children inevitably grow up, and things may change around your house. This type of session is a great way to look back and remember these simple, beautiful, memories.

Pre-Shoot Prep

Whether I am taking photos for families or senior high schoolers, I like to prepare for the session.  I will often go through some of my favorite poses, and even look for new poses that I want to try with my clients.  Basically I’m creating a shot list and I usually vary the list between clients.  I read through their online form to learn about the family or person, which may help when deciding which poses to implement.  I’m not always committed to every pose, but doing the research ahead is extremely helpful considering the variety of tasks involved during a session.  Aside from directing my subjects, I must also think about camera settings, composition, details on the person, as well as details in the background.

Organizing and Sorting Images

Before we even meet, it is important for me to understand more about your family and goals for the session. My pre-shoot questionnaire will help me better understand key factors including ideal lighting, where around the home you’d like to set up or activities that could make for a good shot. Still stumped? Not to worry! I am also happy to provide a long list of ideas to get the creative juices flowing.

After you fill out the form, I may ask you additional questions via email to determine the best time of day to photograph. Often mornings before 11am work well, but we can find a time and date that works for us both. Keep in mind I try to allocate an hour and a half for this style shoot, with breaks factored in. With the format being everyone in their natural habitat, the hope is children are able to last a bit longer than your more formal, staged sessions.

Tips for a Successful Session

  • Communication is key. If there are specific “must have” activities and shots, definitely let me know. If there are any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.
  • Unsure of how to dress? Check out my post on what to wear…and what not to wear.
  • Ask yourself, “Which rooms work best?” We will not be shooting everywhere in the house, so take note of which rooms have the best natural lighting and can accommodate various activities. Tidying and organizing those rooms is certainly nice-to-have, but it by no means needs to be spotless. Dust thankfully doesn’t show up in photos!
  • Weather permitting, don’t feel limited to the indoors! Happy to take advantage of any yard space that makes for a good shoot location.

Think you and your family are ready to shake up your next photo session? Let’s talk! Check out my photo gallery for ideas, and take a look at my session info for pricing. Contact me here for booking or additional information on print and digital file pricing. Looking forward to working with you!