What to Expect During Your Newborn Lifestyle Photo Session

What to Expect During Your Newborn Lifestyle Photo Session

What is a Lifestyle Newborn Photo Session?  Allow me to explain.  This is the type of session where I come to your home and capture your newborn in a natural setting, which includes interactions with the family.  I offer posing guidance that inspires natural interactions without looking staged.  So if you’re looking for a more minimalist approach that’s less posed and focuses more on connections, this is the shoot for you!  This does not mean that there won’t be shots of the infant alone.  It just means that those shots will not include props such as baskets or bowls.  I’m happy to use whatever is in their natural environment. I offer Lifestyle Newborn Photography in the Austin, Texas  area.  Occasionally I may offer these when I’m traveling to the Portland, Oregon area.

How to prepare for the session

Think about natural light.  We will not shoot in every room, so take note of which rooms have the best natural light at the time of day the shoot is taking place. Often the best rooms are the master bedroom, the nursery, or the living room. Tidying and organizing those rooms is certainly nice-to-have, but it by no means needs to be spotless.

Unsure how to dress?  I prefer that the baby is dressed simple and comfortable.  This includes onesies, swaddles or just a diaper.  I think simple and comfortable applies to you and your other family members as well.  Neutrals work really well, but feel free to add some color as long as it’s not conflicting with each other.  For tips, Check out my post on what to wear.

Don’t worry about trying to make sure the baby is comfortable and cooperative during the shoot.  They are unpredictable, which is why I have planned for enough time to allow for breaks, feedings, or diaper and outfit changes.

What a session looks like

When I arrive, we will talk about the lighting and check out the spaces together.

Next, I will talk to you about the shots we will be taking and then decide where to start.  There will be different combinations of shots, and depending on which package you choose, you will get more or less of them.  To see which combinations come with each package, check my lifestyle packages page.  To see some of these combinations, check out my gallery. Keep in mind that I am open to substituting shots if you have a preference.  Below is a list of every combination, which is included in the deluxe package:

  • Individual newborn
    Family with newborn
  • Siblings with newborn
  • Parents with newborn
  • Dad with newborn 
  • Mom with newborn

What happens after the shoot

I will edit all of the images in my style and provide a link to your online gallery within a week. I will be able to provide a more specific timeframe at the shoot.

At this point, depending on which package you choose, you will select which images you would like. After that, I will provide more edits if necessary and once that is completed, you will receive a dropbox link with all of your high resolution files for printing, all of the low resolution files for social media, along with your print release.  I include black and white versions of every image.  Then I will let you know how long it will take to receive your book or print.

If you are ready to book a newborn session or have questions about this type of session, please reach out to me. Make sure to check out my gallery for ideas and see my lifestyle packages page for pricing info.