Guide to Great Austin Photo Session Spots

Guide to Great Austin Photo Session Spots

 The Long Center for the Performing Arts

Finding the right location for photos can be tricky depending on the time of year.  The hardest time of year to find great backdrops for Austin are the winter months, when there are so many bare trees.

I took a little trip and went to visit some places that I thought still worked for winter.  Most of these were taken this February.  The are two exceptions.  The senior photos on South Congress were taken in September and because this is an urban location, it would also work well in the winter.  The other photos not taken in February are the family photos at Butler Park, which were taken in December.   Additionally, all of these locations would be great during spring, summer and fall months. See my photos and descriptions below for examples of what each location has to offer.


The Seaholm District was once an industrial section of downtown Austin.  This has gone under an extensive transformation, which is currently a mixed-use urban neighborhood.   This area includes the Library, the Butterfly Bridge, Shoal Creek and the Seaholm Power Plant. I captured photos at the Butterfly Bridge (by Shoal Creek) and down by the Ann and Roy Butler Hike and Bike Trail that is along Lady Bird Lake.


This is both a pedestrian and cyclist bridge which overlooks Lady Bird Lake in downtown Austin, connecting north and south sides.  It features a “double-curve” design. This connects Seaholm District to Butler Metro Park and can be a great place to stop and get a photo if you’re walking from one place to the other.


This park runs between Riverside Drive and Barton Springs Road, and between South First and South Lamar.  This area has beautiful backdrops of the Austin skyline.


The Long Center is a venue located on Butler Park, which is along Lady Bird Lake.  This is a great place for photography not only for its great skyline views, but the design of the building is stunning with it’s glass structure, circular “ring-beam” and aluminum paneled roof.

The photo at the top of this article was also taken at the Long Center.

Fun fact: During the renovation, 95% of the material from the Palmer Auditorium was recycled and incorporated into the first phase of the Long Center.

These first four spots are technically close enough and within walking distance to include in an hour long session.  However, this all depends on how much time is spent at each location.


This district features hip boutiques, restaurants and trendy hotels.  There’s plenty of options that make for fun backdrops in a photo session.  When planning a shoot here, it’s probably best to avoid busy times, such as Friday/Saturday late afternoon to early evenings.  This is the only location where my photos were taken in the summer.


Located just 20 minutes Northwest of downtown Austin, Bull Creek offers a variety of backdrops, including a running creek, hiking trail, rock formations and lots of trees.

I am hoping that this article will be helpful when planning a photo session.  Contact me to book a session.