2021 Photography Bucket List

2021 Photography Bucket List

2021 Goals Family Photography

Cheers to 2021!  I think everyone agrees that last year was not as great as we hoped for.  Not that any of us could have foreseen what was coming.

Despite everything that happened in the past year, I did gain some new clients and am thankful for that.  I was limited to shooting outdoor only with smaller groups.  In the near future, I will still be shooting outdoors only.  No indoor Lifestyle sessions at this time.  However, I’m hoping that things will be different later in the year.  I have some new goals for this year that will hopefully inspire new and past clients.


Last year I started an email list.  The goal is to collect emails to send out a monthly newsletter.  The newsletter will cover my blog posts and upcoming deals or mini-sessions I may be offering throughout the year.  These things can also be found on my Facebook page.  However, to get first access to these offers, the newsletter is the way to go.  Anyone can sign up for my newsletter by adding their email here.

Another form of communication is through my blog and Instagram page.  I plan to update my Instagram page more often this year, which will include not only imagery but sometimes session information.  My instagram page offers images that you most likely won’t find on my website gallery.  Although there are a few of the same.


2020 was not the best year for getting out of the house.  While I did a bit of exploring, I plan to get out more once Covid cases begin to go down.  It’s important that I scout for new locations for photography sessions.   I did find a few new locations last year and plan to write a new blog post in the near future which will cover my new findings. Although it’s not just about location,  time of day means everything.  I’m hoping  to see locations at different times of the day to see how the lighting effects it.  In most cases the hour before sunset is the most ideal.  However, not everyone is available during that time, so it’s good to have other options.

Offer Mini Sessions

Last fall I offered School Portrait Mini-Sessions from my backyard and it worked out very well.  I plan to offer more this Spring for those who missed it.  I’m also planning to offer Spring and Fall mini-sessions this year for families, siblings, couples, etc.  I live in South Austin, so mini-sessions most likely will occur here for this year.  Sign up for my newsletter to find out first!

Create a Showcase

When I lived in Portland, Oregon, I had exhibits occasionally at an event called Last Thursday.  This event took place on a street called Alberta where people could walk and view art from street vendors or within places of business.  Mine was displayed in a wine shop.  This was a lot of fun for me, but takes money, time and work.  Since then I haven’t been shooting much aside from people.  That said, I would like to get back into landscapes and I know there is a lot to explore in and around Austin.  This was a goal for last year as well, but things were thrown off when the virus hit.   I’m hoping this year will be better, especially with the purchase of a new camera!


I really enjoy working with kids and considering the idea of offering some type of 1/2 day summer camp for those who are interested in photography.  It would be very basic, covering lighting and composition mostly, so any camera will do.  It will most likely be in my backyard.  If you have a child that you think would be interested in this, do let me know by sending me an email from my contact page.  Or sign up for my newsletter to find out my plans during the year.

That concludes my goals for 2021.  If you have any questions or would like to book an outdoor session, then send me an email.