Preparing For A Headshot Session

Preparing For A Headshot Session

When it comes to headshots, there’s a few different approaches to take.  This depends on what you’re looking for.  Are you looking for something more corporate, professional but not too corporate, or something that is more laid back? Depending on what you’re looking for, there are a few different directions to go regarding backdrops.

  1. Indoor with white, black or colored background.  See example images below.


  2. Environmental background. See examples images below.


    Another thing to think about when planning for a headshot is what to wear.  If patterns are involved, make sure they are not too busy because that can be very distracting.  White is not the best option unless you are wearing a jacket or sweater over.  It has a tendency to wash people out or decrease depth and detail.  Make sure that whatever you are wearing is comfortable. Preferably something that you feel makes you look great!

There are items you can bring along that can be helpful.  For variety, bring some extra shirts or jackets.  Think about bringing shirts with an assortment of necklines.  They can shape the face in different ways.  Bring a brush, lip balm and extra make up if you’re wearing it.  Powder can be especially good for covering oily or shiny areas.  Jewelry is nice, but keep it simple for the same reason not to wear busy clothing.  We don’t want to distract from the subject.  Also, bring your favorite music if you think that might help you relax.

Before the shoot, let me know what your expectations are, such as what type of image you are looking for.

If we are shooting more of an environmental image, I have a popup tent, so there’s no concern about trying to find a place to change your clothes.

View my gallery to see more portraits and headshots. To book a session, contact me.