Fine Art Editing

Fine Art Editing

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I have recently been taking more Photoshop classes to really bring my editing skills to the next level.  Although there are some enhancements that I would not use with my portrait sessions, I will certainly consider having a new type of service to offer for those.  For example, the next two images have some adjustments that make the subject look more dreamy and surreal, resulting in a more painted look.  This type of image would be great printed on canvas.  This may appeal to someone looking for something that feels more like a painting rather than a photo.

Fine Art Image 1 Before and After

The next two images have less editing on the subject, but still have an overall effect on the photo.  Colors and tones can make a huge difference on the way an image looks.  The first image below really didn’t need the extra editing at all.  Because it’s one of my favorite images of my daughter, I felt like it would be fun to see what else I could do to really make it pop!

Fine Art Image 3 Before and After Fine Art Image 4 Before and After

To see more editing before and after images, view my article, Creative Autumn. To book a session, contact me.

What to Wear for Senior Portraits

What to Wear for Senior Portraits

Below I put together a few tips when trying to choose clothing for your senior portrait session.

Select clothing you like and bring some options.  If patterns are being worn, make sure they do not conflict or draw too much attention. Graphics and fluorescent colors are also not a great choice. Graphics tend to go out of style and can distract and fluorescent colors can draw too much attention and reflect into your face.

Although I mentioned what not to wear, I also feel like it’s important not to focus too hard on clothing. Wear something comfortable, something that you like and feel is flattering. Be yourself! If you tend to wear a lot of jeans, then wear jeans! There are no rules about dressing up. Not to say that you can’t dress up. Just be somewhat comfortable so you can enjoy the shoot.

Don’t forget about shoes or accessories. Make sure shoes are in decent condition, not super worn. Accessories can add a bit more color, which can be very appealing as long as it’s not really distracting. Hats can be great as well, if you enjoy wearing them.

Bring a few different outfits. I have a popup tent, so there’s no concern about trying to find a place to change your clothes.

To book a session, contact me.