Tips For Holiday Card Photos

Tips For Holiday Card Photos

Holiday Photo Card Tips

The tips below are things I’ve found helpful when planning a photo for your holiday card.

1. Scout your location.

When looking for a good location, some things to keep in mind are whether the space is crowded or not.  If it’s crowded, it may be hard to find a good spot where there aren’t a lot of people in your background.  Also, look for simple backdrops.  There is no need to have a lot going on in the background.  It ends up being to busy and distracting.

2. Choose the card layout in advance.

Not only does this make it quicker once your photos has been selected.  This can ensure you get the correct orientation needed.  There’s been so many times where I had a landscape photo, but the cards that I was more drawn to used a portrait orientation.  Also, this will help determine how many different shots you want.

3. Decide whether you want the whole family in the shot.

If you’ve selected your card layout in advance, you may have only chosen one image.  So then you want to make sure you know what you want that image to be.  Do you want everyone in the photo or just the kids?  Do you want your dog in the photo?  Do you want just the dog and the kids?  Do you want the whole family?  Should Poppy the Parrot be in the photo?  If you choose a layout with 2 or more options, then you also will know that you will need a variety of shots.

4. Option for props.

While I don’t typically use props in my photos, it might be fun during the holidays for a more relaxed and silly photo.  Maybe everyone is wearing a santa hat, or reindeer ears, or wrapped in battery operated christmas lights.  Whatever you decide, I’m sure there are many fun options out there.

5. Plan what to wear

This is something that always good to do.  However, if you choose your card in advance, you may want to coordinate colors that will tie in well with the card.  For tips on what to wear to a family photo shoot, see my blog post.

6. Make it fun.

Show your personality!  You can even make it a more documentary type of shoot, where the family is engaging in a fun activity.  Perhaps baking christmas cookies or decorating the tree.

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Fall Colors in Austin

Fall Colors in Austin

Being new to Austin, I haven’t explored enough locations in the fall to see all the fabulous colors.  Last week, on the drive out to Wimberley, I saw some great color in the countryside.  But another place that has some great color right now is McKinney Falls State Park.  In the past, I’ve only visited in the spring.  The spring was great because of the wildflowers.

Just today I took some family, who were visiting from Canada, out to the upper falls and realized there are so many great spots that would work well for portrait photography.  I didn’t have my camera with me, but I took some examples using my iPhone.  See the photos below.

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