7 Austin Murals for Photo Backdrops

7 Austin Murals for Photo Backdrops

Recently my friend Madeline suggested using murals as a backdrop for some of my portraits.  Since Austin has a plethora of murals, I decided to do some research and take a ride with Madeline to check some of them out.  I’ve noticed images of a few of the Austin themed murals on postcards at local gift shops. Using these for backgrounds can be a fun way to add some color to your portraits.  Below are the 7 we discovered on our adventure.

1.  LOVE FROM AUSTIN – 720 S. 1st Street

You’ll find this mural located on the side of shop called Prima Dora.

 2.  GREETINGS FROM AUSTIN – 720 S 1st Street

This mural is located on the side of an art gallery called Roadhouse Relics.

3.  AUSTINTEXAS – 6th Street & IH-35

This mural sits on a building right next to the Hilton Garden Inn and right across from  the I-35.

4.  Colorful Mural – 4th Street & IH-35

We found this beautiful mural, which expands across a very long wall, after viewing the Austin Texas mural down the street.

5.  AUSTIN, TEXAS – 3700 Guadalupe

This one can be found on the side of Planet K Gifts.

 6.  LET’S BAND TOGETHER – E. 6th Street & Chicon

Right on the side of a bar called Whisler’s, you’ll find the Let’s Band Together mural.

 7.  ‘TILL DEATH DO US PART – Waller Street & 7th

This mural is on the side of a shop called Green & White Gro.

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Why Photos Matter

Why Photos Matter

Connection to the Past

When I look back at my childhood, I have a hard time remembering so many things.  I’ve looked through old photos in hopes of some recollection, but there just aren’t that many photos to view.  Nowadays, people have their phones and tend to use them for snapshots and that’s definitely helpful.  I don’t think there will be as much of a struggle to find photos. However, as nice as it is to have the photos from the phone, there’s still something to be said about having professional images.  I remember my parents had some professional family portraits taken on a few different occasions, but it would have been fun to look back every year or two and see how we’ve changed.  This is one of the reasons I feel passionate about photography.  I want to provide that connection to the past for people.

Something for Future Generations

We think about the future often.  What vacations we have planned, to do lists for goals we have set, etc.  Wouldn’t it be nice to think about how our kids can look back with their kids at their grandparents?  Or what about their children?  I know I’ve said my childhood photos are pretty scarce, but photos of my parents, grandparents and great grandparents are even more rare.

Family Dynamics

Family photography can create a legacy of love and connection.  The photos can provide a story and remind you of what’s important.  It’s a reminder of how you engaged as a family and the bond that’s different from other relationships in your life.

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Old Texaco Station

Old Texaco Station

Old Texaco station in Driftwood

Old Texaco station in Driftwood

I love capturing old buildings.  In fact, I have a series of old abandoned buildings and places in Oregon that I had previously showcased in a last Thursday event in Portland, Oregon. The series was titled Abandoned Oregon.

Of course when I drove past this old Texaco gas station and general store, I had to take photos.  My husband had just bought my daughter some cowboy boots and I thought to myself, “now if she only had a hat, I could have her pose next to this old gas station.”  I had a vision and decided to go for it.  I’m lucky that my daughter is so photogenic and willing to pose for me.  The only downside was all the cars driving by.  She really did not like this, especially when a woman yelled out, “You go girl!”  I told her that the woman meant well, but she did not like it.  Luckily, I had my shot by this point, so we decided it was time to leave.

Although I shot at sunset for this location, sunrise would be ideal!  It would be ideal not only for the light, but less traffic as well.  I will have to go back at some point and capture this building on it’s own during that time of day.  Now if I could only get myself up that early!!!


Driftwood, Texas

Driftwood, Texas

About a month after shooting my daughter at this location, I had a family photoshoot.  There was a request to shoot at this old station.  So we shot some there, then moved to a different location to shoot the rest.  They had a lot of fun during the shoot.  In fact, the shot to the right is one of the more playful images.  There were several more shots, but sometimes we have to add a little fun when taking family photos.  It helps loosen everyone up!

It seems that this may end up being a popular photo location for upcoming shoots in the future!